September 2016

New in September

  • A custom field of type "Number" now returns an integer instead of a string

May 2016

New in May

  • Added a new search parameter (since_updated_at) for companies

April 2016

New in April

  • Added new search functionality for cases, customers, and companies

November 2015

New in November

  • Added Delete to Article Translations
  • Requests containing duplicate parameters now return 409 responses

October 2015

New in October

May 2015

New in May

  • Added changed, max_changed_at, since_changed_at search params to Case Search
  • Added guide for Canvas

January 2015

New in January

November 2014

New in November

October 2014

New in October

September 2014

New in September

  • Added Article count field to Topics
  • Added public_url field to Articles

August 2014

New in August

July 2014

New in July

June 2014

New in June

May 2014

New in May

April 2014

New in April

March 2014

New in March

  • Added new Twitter Following endpoint
  • Added Links endpoint for adding and listing case links
  • Added Customer Locking and Unlocking
  • Added erase for facebook_comment and facebook_message messages
  • Added erase for facebook_comment and facebook_message replies
  • Added Article List for Brands endpoint
  • Added Brand Links to Article endpoint

February 2014

New in February

January 2014

New in January


May 2013

June 2013

  • Added Labels endpoints
  • Added ETags to Labels LIST endpoint
  • Added searching Customers on first_name, last_name and full_name
  • Added message link on the Case presenter
  • Added Inbound and Outbound examples to the documentation for Case creation
  • Added case, message, and reply attachment endpoints
  • Added Site Settings read-only endpoints
  • Added Rules read-only endpoints
  • Added Twitter Accounts read-only endpoints

July 2013

  • Sending Twitter direct messages in case replies will now error if no friendship exists
  • sent_by can now be embedded in case replies
  • Inbound email replies can now be created; useful for data imports
  • Added User Preferences endpoint
  • Added read endpoints for Jobs
  • Added read-only endpoints for Inbound Mailboxes
  • Twitter cases can now be created
  • Added Facebook Private Messages as a reply channel type
  • Show Meta updated to reflect changed metric names in Business Insights
  • Create Report updated to reflect changed metric names in Business Insights
  • Listing cases on filters now accepts sort_field and sort_direction parameters
  • Added Case History endpoint
  • sort on Filters endpoints is deprecated in favor of sort_field. It is scheduled for removal on or after August 23rd, 2013.

August 2013

September 2013

October 2013

November 2013

  • Added created_by and updated_by links to Articles
  • Messages are now embeddable in Cases
  • Added color field to the Labels endpoint
  • Added rating fields to the Articles endpoint

December 2013

Version 2

New in v2

  • Consistency among responses
  • Logical response bodies:
    • v1 collection: cases.results.first.cases.subject
    • v2 collection: cases.first.subject
  • Ability to create/update a customer and their embedded emails, phone numbers, and addresses all in one shot
  • Ability to reply to cases
  • Ability to create and view notes on cases
  • Ability to retrieve cases by any of your case filters
  • Case creation
  • Companies
  • Filters
  • Topic Translations
  • Relationship links, allowing clients to follow links rather than construct hardcoded urls.
  • To paginate through pages of cases, all you need to do is follow the "next" link in each response's Link header, rather than hardcoding everything (including keeping track of page numbers, per page, etc)
  • If you have a case and want to know information about the assigned user, follow the "assigned_user" link. If you have a customer and want to know that customer's cases, follow the "cases" link.
  • Resources are loosely coupled with the option to embed related resources, allowing the API to handle more use cases depending on the client's needs.